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Company Vision

If there are seasonings, there will be Berry.

Beary foods are devoting to be a forerunner of the seasonings industry, and making effort and progress constantly. We are willing to provide safehealthy, high quality and delicious foods and superior services.


Company Mission

Our company are devoting to offer safehealthyhigh quality and delicious seasoning foods to enrich people’s food life.

Safe: We use high standard manufacturing technique and HACCP system to ensure the products safety.

Healthy: We always insist on the natural and healthy foods for the consumers to pursuit the happy life.

High Quality: We always insist on the superior foods and service for the consumers to enjoy their perfect life.

Delicious: We are seeking the cuisine culture for more people to enjoy the harmony and joy from the delicious foods.


Company Values

Unity-Initiative, Innovation, Integrity-Honesty, Brilliancy


We are holding on the team work spirit and against the heroics individualism.

We firmly believe that the team work can achieve the perfect performances.

We hold hand in hand bravely, to break through the obstacles and overcome all troubles.

We respect our colleagues suppliers and clients, treat them with the way as they feel at home.

We have confidence in working ability and cooperation purpose for both of us.


We believe that innovation is the necessary for an enterprise to develop rapidly.

We should listen to client’s voices carefully and make effort to innovate as their requirement.

We take your advice with opening minds and encourage innovation.


We should do a man with the character of integrity which is the most important for a man.

We treat others and do things which should be honesty and prestige, also for action follow as what we said.


We will realize our dreams with colleagues, and making progress together with Beary.

Our achievement is coming from our intimate partners of suppliers and clients.

We are excited about a great dream and create brilliancy.


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